Graindorge is engaged in the surface treatment of high quality plastic products, specializing in the electroplating of plastic parts (ABS, PP, BAYBLEND, ABS/PC). For this purpose, the company has a fully automatic line of electroplating, equipped with 16 robots. We are able to coat 2000 square meters a day following strict environmental guidelines.

Our expertise is our ability to achieve many different finishes - chrome, white bronze, gun-metal, gold, matte or high gloss.

In addition to plastic, we also plate metals such as Furthermore the company is able to plate some metals such as steel, brass, zinc alloy.

Robots play a key role in the production line at Graindorge.

The parts are carefully put on racks, hanged and transported to the next stage of the electroplating line.

Computerised planning guarantees the highest level of quality.

We have continuously rationalised and optimised the production processes to ensure that our line is as efficient as possible.

We can deliver high volume with short lead times.

Galvanoplastie, Nickelage et Chromage sur plastique
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